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Google offers many other services like Adsense and Adwords apart from the well known services like Gmail, Orkut and Picasa. While Adwords is for advertisers, Adsense is for publishers. Google Adsense is the best Pay Per click program that any publisher can ever find to monetize his/her website.

Google Adwords has a large database of Advertisers (and it is still growing) who want to drive quality traffic to their website by advertising. Google Adsense on the other hand, makes contract with quality publishers and displays google ads on their website. The ads are nothing but the ads of the Advertiser's sites who are registered with Adwords.
Now, coming to the important part of all this, whenever the Google ads running on the publisher site gets clicked by a visitor genuinely interested on that ad, the publisher earns a share of what Google charges for that click from the advertiser. The percentage of share is not known clearly.
Google automatically crawls the publisher sites and uses a complicated method to display relevent ads on the site. The ads are related to the site contents so that it interests the visitors. Now that you have understood what Adsense means, I am going to share with you, more information on Adsense.
Eligibility criterion:

The folowing are the requirements that must be satisfied by the publisher sites:
1.) The website should have a top domain while applying for Adsense. After approval of Adsense account, you can display your ads on any page that does not violate the policies of Adsense.

For example, it must have a domain of the form and not or

2.) The website should be 6 months old.

Google has this condition to ensure that the publisher site is well established and has some quality traffic.

3.) The website should not encourage visitors to click on the ads.

4.) The site should not contain contents related to hacking, cracking and may others.

For more information regarding this, read the Adsense program policies.The folowing are the requirements that must be satisfied by the publisher:
1.) The publisher must be 18 years or above.
2.) He/She must abide by the Terms Of Service of Google and also should not violate the program policies, once approved.
Ad Formats:

The appearance of the ads under Adsense for contents can be customized to a large extent. There are ads of different formats. Some of the formats are:
728 x 90 leaderboard, 468 x 60 banners, 125x125 buttons and many more.
Similarly, the link units also have many ad formats like 120x90, 160x90 and so on.
The colour of the title, description, url and border can be changed to match the site design.

See all ad formats here.

General Guidelines for Ad placement:

1.) Do not place the ads in such a way that the visitor is not able to dfferentiate between site contents and the ads.
For example, when the ads are placed along with the links to some sites, and when the colour of the ads is the same as that of the links, the user thinks that the ads are links.
2.) Do not place ads in pop ups or pop unders.
3.) Do not place flashing images near the ads so as to attract the visitor.
You can find many more guidelines in the Adsense program policies itself.
Payment methods:

Adsense pays by check to its publishers. Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT) is also available to some countries.
The minimum payment threshold is $100. If the earnings is less than $100 for a month, then it is automatically rolled over to the next month. When the minimum threshold is met, then the payment is processed in about a month.
For example, if you earn $75 in Febraury, then it will be rolled over and added to the earnings of March. If you earn $25 in March, then the total of $100 will be processed before the end of April. The time for the delivery of check is subject to the country in which you live.

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